New Kickstarter: October 1st
Tara Normal Webcomic Kickstarter

  On October 1st you can help make the Tara Normal complete webcomic book a reality. This Kickstarter exclusive edition book will feature the entire Tara Normal webcomic as well as the Tara Normal TAPS Paramagazine comics – reprinted for the first time in this edition. There will be a ton of amazing Tara rewards […]

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Tara Normal: 10th Anniversary Celebration
Tara Normal Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my comic and book series Tara Normal! To celebrate I’ll be releasing several Tara Normal books this year as well as uploading EVERY Tara Normal webcomic page to this site. For over 10 years, Tara has been the focus of my imagination and it’s been wonderful to see […]

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Coloring the New York Times tribute to Stan Lee
New York Times Stan Lee

I had the extreme honor of coloring this beautifully written tribute to one of my personal heroes – Stan Lee. Stan affected everyone who loved comics and my dad always brought up Stan as a person to look up to. I got to meet Stan at Baltimore Comic-Con a few years back when I was […]

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New shirt! Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Mr. Scootles

This year marks the 15th anniversary of my first comic book series Mr. Scootles. To celebrate we’re making an exclusive limited edition commemorative t-shirt in honor of Scootles. Pre-order at this link:!/Mr-Scootles-15th-Anniversary-Shirt/p/112655218/category=0 Mr. Scootles is 1930’s cartoon character who is trapped in Hell and he’s gotta get out. This shirt marks the beginning of […]

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New Tara Normal Book! Cover Reveal
Patient X Tara Normal Feature Image

I’m happy to announce a new Tara Normal book: Hexes and Oh’s is coming this Fall! We’re currently aiming for a Halloween day release date. Hexes and Oh’s will be exclusively available on Amazon where you can find every Tara Normal book in this current series. This edition is shaping up to be the most […]

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Cardinal Copia from the band Ghost

My friend Raven has really gotten me into the band Ghost and I was inspired to draw the band’s newest leader – Cardinal Copia. I love the character design and especially love their newest album Prequelle.

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Howie Noel on Comic Book Club Podcast
Howie Noel on Comic Book Club

I’m the guest on the latest podcast episode of Comic Book Club – a live comic book talk show. Thank you so much to the awesome hosts Alex Zalben, Pete LePage, and Justin Tyler for having me on their show to talk about my new book Float, anxiety and even Avengers: Infinity War. You can […]

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Tara Normal: New Book This Halloween
Tara Normal End is Near

I’m happy to announce a new Tara Normal book – Paranormal War – is coming this Halloween to Amazon. It’ll be the concluding chapter of this Tara series which began in 2013. Each volume of Tara Normal is currently available on Amazon and our shop. The cover art for Paranormal War is above and […]

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Anxiety is a Glass Ceiling

Today’s art page from Float reveals the Glass Ceiling. It hovers above all sufferers of mental illness. It takes all forms. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, bi-polar or any other disorder one suffers from, a monstrous division exists to make us feel alone. But you’re not alone. It’s hard to realize it, but there are millions […]

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