Tara Normal 10 Anniversary Stamp

Smart, sassy and fearless to a fault, Tara Normal solves out-of-this-world mysteries with the help of her spectral friend, Shadowman.

From zombies to zombie dogs, from Baby Cthulhu to a 40 foot tall Teddy Roosevelt, anything can and will happen in this popular, award-winning paranormal webcomic.


Case Zero Storyline Image
The beginning of it all … Tara’s origin is revealed as she helps parents who claim their daughter is possessed by a demon. This case launches her professional paranormal career. GO TO THIS STORYLINE


Tara Normal Character ImageTARA NORMAL

The supernatural superhero of this story. Abandoned by her birth parents, Tara was adopted and raised by her neighbors – the Normals. Tara has been obsessed with the paranormal ever since her parents disappeared during a UFO sighting.

Shadowman Character ImageSHADOWMAN

Shadowman is Tara’s best friend. He’s an inter-dimensional traveler who can shift through space and time. Sworn to only observe alien activities and never interfere, he often breaks this vow. He loves potato chips.

Sheriff Character ImageSHERIFF

Sheriff is the head of the local law enforcement of Evans City, PA. He forms a fast friendship with Tara when supernatural activity occurs in the local cemetery. The Sheriff is brave, skeptical and has the most beautiful blonde hair you’ve ever seen.


Agent Scar AKA the Man In Black is the head agent of a mysterious branch of the FBI. He has obsessed over Tara Normal since her birth parents’ disappearance. Cold, calculating and dangerous, Agent Scar works in the shadows to stop Tara from exposing the truth about the paranormal.


Agent Man is Agent Scar’s right-hand man. His jacket has amazing fringe and he speaks a special language that translates visually as only stars.


Hogan is Tara’s trustworthy pug. When he’s not sleeping and eating, he joins Tara on her adventures.

Abe Normal Character ImageABE NORMAL

Abe Normal is Tara’s adoptive father. He runs a magic shop and loves the Captain Unknown Soldier’s Scary Movie Show.

“Outrageous fun with wonderful art. If it doesn’t make you laugh out loud, there’s something wrong with your squeak box.” — Dwight L, MacPherson, The Imaginary Voices of Edgar Allan Poe, Kid Houdini

“It’s X-Files meets Scooby-Doo with this delightful web comic.” — Ryan McLelland, Ain’t It Cool News