Everyday is Halloween for Tara Normal®

Tara’s hometown, Little Salem, is the most haunted place in the world. She was born with an advanced form of clairvoyance and has the ability to see and speak to ghosts. She can also physically fight them. Tara uses advanced scientific technology she invented to prove there really is life after death. Now she must protect her family, friends and the world from the wicked consequences of her supernatural revelation.

About Tara Normal

Tara Normal began as a webcomic in April 2009. Howie Noel created the Tara Normal character a few years earlier and has crafted a unique universe around her through comic books, graphic novels, coloring books and a young adult novel. Tara also appeared in over 30 issues of TAPS Paramagazine, the official publication of the stars of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. After an award winning run as a popular cult webcomic, a new Tara Normal book series launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Tara’s mysteries continue with an all-new action packed storyline in 2018 called Paranormal War.



Tara Normal was born with special supernatural powers that propel her search for the truth about her mysteries origin. After her birth parents were forced to abandon her, Tara was adopted by Abe Normal, a kind hearted local magician, and his wife Sara, a successful horror novelist. Sara recognized Tara’s abilities and encouraged her to explore them. Sara soon became consumed by an obsession of the paranormal and met a dark end at the hands of a powerful demon. Tara suffers immense guilt from her mother’s death and has vowed to protect her remaining family and friends from a similar fate.


Shadowman is Tara’s best friend and has known her since she was very young. He’s an interdimenisonal traveler. Shadowman’s mission is to observe behavior on alien planets and he’s sworn to never interfere. He often breaks that rule and will one day have to deal with the consequences.


Patient X is an incredibly strong ghoul – a ghost given special powers by a demon. Ghouls can physically hurt the living and each have unique powers that affect their ability to haunt a location. Patient X is curiously obsessed with Tara Normal and he always relishes the chance to face her. He wants to turn Earth into a land of the dead so that ghosts can rule the world of the living.


Jake Weston is the head researcher for Tara Normal’s paranormal group, L.I.P.S – Licensed Investigators of the Paranormal & Supernatural. A former journalist, Jake was a hard headed skeptic until he saw Tara’s live presentation called the Discovery. During the Discovery, Tara used her invention the Seer to allow an audience of scientists and journalists to see a real ghost. Since then he’s dedicated to helping Tara expose the truth about the unknown. Jake is enraptured by Tara’s beauty, intelligence and strength but frustrated by her stubbornness to accept help.


Kelly Savage is the tech expert for Tara Normal’s paranormal group, L.I.P.S. She’s in charge of filming and documenting each case they go on. Kelly’s been Tara’s friend since grade school and the two share a very special and intimate bond. Kelly knows almost all of Tara’s secrets and is very protective of her. While Kelly isn’t the bravest of the crew, she’s the toughest.


Charlton is the star of the recently rebooted reality show, Ghost Soldiers. Unlike the previous hosts, he actually has supernatural talent. He can bring the dead back to life as visible spirits he can control. Instead of using his powers for good, he chooses to use them for celebrity and money. After confronted by Tara Normal, Charlton shows his true colors and precedes to raise an army of the dead to destroy Tara and take over the world.


Holly Weird is a vampire, the first in this series, and a Hollywood producer. Her show, Ghost Soldiers, has become a thorn in the side of Tara Normal. Since Tara turned down a starring role on the pandering paranormal reality show, Holly has been looking to bring her down. She may have found her answer in Charlton, a necromancer whose power is only matched by his thirst for fame. The world in turmoil equals ratings for Holly so it’s in her best interest that Tara loses the paranormal war.

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