Float details the effects of anxiety on my life, my loves and my career.  

float comic book graphic novel reason

I’ve always wanted to tell my story and my battle with my personal Glass Ceiling. When I was diagnosed with anxiety, I gained so much understanding about why my life had taken certain turns. I gained some answers as to why sometimes simple problems would become insurmountable challenges.

Anxiety is a constant battle and this is my war cry. I want to give it a voice and show no shame. So many others suffer from mental illness and there’s a stigma attached to it. Along with Victor’s soundtrack, this book will showcase this disorder and its true effects, and give it cinematic life. Anxiety can’t be ignored. It’s not something an individual can just change about themselves. It’s a constant battle, and a badge of honor to survive.

By turning Anxiety into a character in this book, I’m taking back some of the power I’ve given it over the years. I’ve dealt with it since childhood but only now am I truly coming to understand it. Float is the telling of how I’ve reached that understanding.


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