An opera of visceral high and lows, four music tracks bring the story to life.

float comic book graphic novel soundtrack

The songs for Float each portray an important part of the main character’s struggle as depicted in the book. I’ve always loved the way Broadway musicals told a tale and wanted these recordings to have that feeling and sound.

Lyrically I was fortunate to have a lot of Howie’s writing to work with. Composing the songs using his own words helped me stay true to the story and accurately explain the torment of living with anxiety and mental illness. I wrote certain parts based on experiences Howie shared with me about his struggles. Every line sung is important in describing the pain, confusion and despair of his memoir.

The instrumentation also carries a crucial role in the storytelling by mimicking the emotion of every scene; each string section, piano part and sound texture serves a purpose in the narrative. I’ve never created anything like this before. My hope is that it brings a little more attention to the topic of anxiety and mental illness, and the daily battle that so many people have to endure.

Victor Guest playing guitar


float comic book the art