Creative Anxiety Episode 1 Feature Art

Creative Anxiety: Episode 1

Creative Anxiety is a new show about people who battle anxiety. Each episode takes places at Comic Book Jones on Staten Island, NY and features store owner Socko Jones and comic creator Howie Noel talking about anxiety with guests. In this debut episode, Howie and Socko discuss their battles with generalized anxiety disorder and Howie’s upcoming graphic memoir about anxiety, Float, which is now on…

Float Animated Trailer 3 Feature Art

Float Animated Trailer #3

Created by Shelley Noel using artwork by Howie Noel. Original music by Victor Guest. Subscribe to Howie Noel’s official YouTube channel to see Float art videos as soon as they’re posted. The Float Kickstarter launches May 1, 2017 at 10 AM EST! More info on the campaign here:

Drawing Anxiety

Here’s a short video of my process of drawing Anxiety from the upcoming book, Float. He’s always so full of attitude. You can read more about Anxiety on the Float ‘About’ page. Here’s a full color version of the final character artwork.

writing the music for float

Writing the Music

Float is different from any other graphic novel Howie’s written. Not just because it’s a look into himself and his anxiety, but because there will be a four track soundtrack to accompany the book. I’m so excited to be part of this new experiment with Howie. My goal is for the music to reflect his inner turmoil honestly and viscerally. I want these songs to honor…